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Medleys is an annual comedy revue performed at the Union House Theatre by a group of medical students from the University of Melbourne who write, create and perform The Med Revue. The Union House Theatre is the premiere theatre of the Union House building of the university's Parkville campus. The Med Revue has been running since 1921 and is the only remaining revue on campus, and over time has changed in shape and form. It originated as entertainment for the annual medical ball but was eventually forbidden from this setting after the year of the great food fight at the Melbourne Town Hall. Currently, the show runs for 3 nights each year, combining a multitude of original sketches and a two-act musical. Although The Med Revue is performed by medical students, the revue avoids medical jokes and parodies of faculty staff. Past titles of the Med Revue have included "I should be souvlaki", "Fidel Castro Boy", and "The Derryn Hinchi Code." Proceeds from ticket sales are donated to different charity organizations each year.


Medleys features a live band and a cast of approximately 20 students each year. Students are also responsible for all the lightings, sounds and production of the show. The Revue has 2 acts, both featuring a series of sketches and ending with an act of the musical. All the sketches and the musical are original and written by the cast. Sketches generally have nothing to do with the title, they vary greatly in their style, their structure and content.

Casting and Membership

All medical students studying at the University of Melbourne are able to take part in any aspect of The Med Revue on a voluntary basis. There are no auditions; the only requirement is that people are committed to the show and attend rehearsals, meetings and the 2 rehearsal camps which are held throughout the year, starting in March and continuing until the show is performed in late August or early September. The directors cast the show once they have decided which sketches are to be in it and when the musical has been completed.


The musical runs for about 30 to 60 minutes over its two acts. It includes full scale dance scenes and songs, with original choreography, plot, costuming and vocal arrangements. All cast members have roles in the musical, as well as playing roles in the sketches which precede it in both acts.

Recent Medical Revues

1997 - A Clockwork Cumquat 1998 - So I Married an Axe 1999 - Rage Against Mr. Sheen - Directed by Andrew Lim 2000 - Mortal Wombat - Directed by Kim Le Marshall 2001 - I Should Be Souvlaki - Directed by Tristan Leech 2002 - Fidel Castro Boy - Directed by Daniel Engelman 2003 - A Fish Called Rwanda - Directed by Gregory Kelly 2004 - Pilates of the Caribbean - Directed by Jeremy Carr and Simon Liubinas 2005 - Sleeping with the Anemone - Directed by Patrick Ruane 2006 - The Derryn Hinchi Code - Directed by Clare Hampson 2007 - Dancing with the Tsars - Directed by Benjamin Privett 2008 - Directed by Charlotte Reddington

Production Team

After the show each year, a post-mortem is held where the cast views the video of the show. At this event, elections are held to elect the production team. Any medical student is allowed to run for these roles.
The production team in 2007 was as follows:
  • Director: Benjamin Privett
  • Assistant directors: Charlotte Reddington and Teresa Cosgriff
  • Producers: Roberts Atvars and Heli Simpson
  • Treasurer: Eric Lo
  • Publicity officers: Wai Hong Cheang, Ramona Muttucumaru and Reshma Pawar
  • Band director: Megan Kwong
  • Props and costumes manager: Cathy Brimblecombe
  • Choreographer: Sarah McDonald
  • Assistant choreographer: Anny Huang
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